Sterling Plastics has the facility to design, fabricate and install any type of thermoplastic project including pumps and valves. We are able to provide a 24/7 service to all our customers. Our first priority is to comply with specific client requirements and we achieve this by focusing on:

  • Service
  • Delivery
  • Price
  • Quality craftsmanship and material.

Our site teams are rigged for all types of site installations and breakdowns. We have the latest industry tools and machinery available:

  • Extrusion welders
  • Hot air welders,
  • Butt welders -  From 40mm to 500mm
  • Spigot and sleeve Welders,
  • Sets of electrical tools ( Jigsaws, Planers, Grinders, Routers, Drills ) each team have their own hand tools for installations.

Our vehicles include - 4 ton truck,1 ton LDV's and .75 ton LDV.

We have technical back-up in the form of consulting mechanical engineers for all engineering and design requirements.